Hairstyle Magic Mirror App Reviews

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Works fine

Really Useful. Colours could be even more sophisticated.

Great app

This app works very well, its worth the money.

Cool app.

Cool app. Love that you can change the colour of the hair. Needs more hairstyles though!

Love it

U should totally get this app! So much fun totally worth 2 bucks.


Very fun


I absolutely love this app. I have a hair appt. coming up and was debating on color choices. This helps a lot. I will now have a better idea of what I want to do and will have something to show my hairdresser.


Is a very good app before a real hairdo


I love the app so cool .

one of a kind

this app is a one of a kind o have never seen anything like it before. Definitely worth 2 dollars 


Well when I got this app and I was like OMG I look so GREAT WITH GREEN HAIR!!! I love green

Very good!!!!

Very worth the money! Looks so real!


Great App Lots of fun and good functionalities.

Cool app

Hours of fun. Its quite accurate and there are a lot of styles to choose from. The fine tune adjustment option is handy. Not much to nitpick but a few options for older folks would be nice.

Good app!

Works great on some faces but not all. For the price, its worth it.


I took a pic with my hair pulled back - against a white wall and the pics look like I actually have these hairstyles! Love the colour options. I do wish there were more medium styles.

Works well!

Looks realistic! Lots of styles to choose from.

Its funny


Cool app!

Very simple to use.

Nice app

Very nice app. Though some styles look a bit unrealistic, it still provides an helpful hint on how you would look.

So far so good!

I like this app. It does what I wanted... It lets me try on hairstyles and colors, even highlights. I just wish there were more curly styles as I have curly hair.

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